Sourcing Service for Equipment & Capital Spare Parts


Send us specifications of equipment and capital spare parts that you are looking for;

AIS will source and offer the equipment and spare parts that best matches your requirements..

Sourcing equipment and spare parts can be a time consuming job – let AIS do this job for you!

We will normally provide a quotation according to your specification within a few days, or we will inform you that we are not able to quote.

If you have an urgent requirement, please state this in your request.

There is no cost on you until you decide to buy.

AIS  can also organize third party inspections, refurbishment and transport of equipment to your location by road, air or sea.

Storage Facilities

We also offer storage facilities included in a brokerage contract in most of the major oilfield cities in the world.

This will be an advantage in order to be able to preserve equipment properly and to give easy access for inspection and review in a marketing period. Maybe more important for you is that you may find other use for your own yard or to reduce your lease costs.

Storage service may also be included in agreed commission and therefore will be of no cost until the equipment is sold.